Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hisbonenus brings inner change

Hisbonenus leads to Da’as. G–dliness then becomes real, and this translates itself in the person’s behavior. The Rebbe says that Da’as must be widely disseminated:

In general, effort must be invested to accomplish that “the earth be filled with the knowledge of G–d as the waters cover the sea”[1] to the extent possible nowadays: The entire earth, and every single corner of it, should be filled with knowledge of G–d.

The Alter Rebbe explains[2] the advantage of knowledge—da’as—over wisdom and understanding. Knowledge “implies attachment and union. That is, one binds his mind [to the concept] with a very firm and strong bond, and firmly fixes his thoughts [on the concept].”

Then he does not possess abstract intellectual knowledge [of what is moral] and do the opposite; rather, the principle permeates the person in a manner of da’as [leading him to put it into practice].

Hitva’aduyot 5744, Vol. 4, p. 2168.

[1] Isaiah, 11:9.

[2] Tanya, ch. 3.


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