Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Avodas HaTefilla leads to davening for Moshiach

What is Avodas HaTefilla about? Making the reality of Hashem a reality for you. What do I mean by real? I mean as real as can be without it being literally real, because of course only Moshiach will bring us to that point, as the prophecies predict. In the meantime, we need to do everything we can to peel away the layers of physicality and connect intellectually and emotionally with the true inner aspect of the physical world—G–dliness. Which is accomplished by learning and contemplating Chassidus. The more one does this, the more he sees through the external aspect of physicality. This prepares him for the ultimate revelation of Hashem’s reality.

Moreover, once the person develops a significant inner appreciation of the true reality, the physical world becomes a blatant façade, and then his deepest yearning is to remove this veneer. He looks at it and it disgusts him, upsets him, infuriates him. What is going on here?! he asks incredulously. How can the truth of Hashem—emes Havayeh le’olam[1]—be hidden, and how can the falsehood of the physical world (and I don’t even mean those who oppose holiness, but the very fact that we look at the physical world and do not see the reality of G–dliness) prevail? He refuses cold, dry, rational explanations; he wants only to break through the façade once and for all.

Ad mosai?! he screams, if not in words, in an unceasing inner voice. Al tasteir Ponecho mimeni! [2] Don’t conceal Your face from me! Ad mosai tastir lifnei Ohr Ein Sof HaMemalei Kol Almin, hoyo hove v’yihiyeh b’shoveh, gam b’mokom zeh she’ani olov, kmoi she’hoyo Ohr Ein Sof boruch hu levado kodem she’nivro ho’olom, bli shum shinui![3] Get me out of this world of falsehood! Stop hiding from me Your all-encompassing reality, Your absolute oneness! Hashem, you must abolish this concealment, and “reveal Your face” by sending Moshiach now!

[1] Tehillim 117:2.
[2] ibid. 102:3.
[3] See Tanya ch. 29.


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