Monday, September 8, 2008

Hisbonenus leads to Ahavah and Yirah

In a letter the Rebbe encourages:

“ … an increase in love and fear of Hashem (which are the root of the 248 positive Mitzvos and of the 365 negative Mitzvos (Tanya, ch. 4)), which requires an increase in Hisbonenus in topics found in the teachings of Chassidus, according to the ruling of the Rambam, “The honorable, awesome G–d has commanded us to love and fear Him ... What is) the way to love and fear Him? When the person meditates upon His handiwork, and sees in them His wisdom ... and is aroused with an intense desire to know the great G–d ... immediately ... (Mishneh Torah, Hilchos Yesodei HaTorah, 2:1)

In order for the love and fear to come into expression in actual deed, one must engage in Avodas HaTefillah, as explained at length (along with the various ways of doing so for each and every individual) in Kuntres HaTefillah and in Kuntres HoAvodah, and in many places.

Likkutei Sichos, Vol. 24, p. 495

The more we meditate upon Chassidus, the more we will come to true love and fear of Hashem. Thus, every time one meditates upon Chassidus, he fulfills the Mitzvos to love and fear Hashem—ahavas Hashem and yiras Hashem.